"The Ministry of Life helped me gain my independence. I have a loving husband and two beautiful children, but as the years rolled by I lost a sense of myself. I poured all my focus into my family and didn't make enough time for myself. I now have a balanced life and take the time I need through out the day for a little bit of ME time."
   G.K from Los Angeles USA
       "Ok, I was a bit skeptical that life coaching would work for me. I've spent years in therapy and thought I'd give it a shot.  Who knew such a thing called Life Coaching existed?! At first I thought it was a bit of a quack or a faze like some quick fix self help crap. I'm surprised how much clarity it's brought to my situation and I'm glad I took the plunge into something different. I think deep down I was making a ton of excuses about why I was self sabotaging myself and it was hard to admit. But I've got a pretty good action plan now and I can't wait to see what life unfolds now! Thanks guys!
   Scott Carter from Sydney AUST
       "After my Father passed away I felt lost. When someone you love passes away, most people think that life's short and try to make the most of it. But the opposite happened to me. I started thinking 'What's the point?'. I pretty much laid in bed for months crying and lost motivation to do anything. My friend put me on to The Ministry of Life and because I had nothing else to lose I signed up for the 8 week program and for the first time since my Dad left I've started to find hope in the world again."
   F.M from Sydney AUST
       "My partner left me and it pretty much turned my whole world upside down! I didn't see it coming and I gave 4 years of my life to him and he just decided that all of a sudden he didn't want to commit to a relationship anymore! You guys helped me empower myself to be the confident, independent woman I was before I met him. He shot my self esteem and I felt ugly and like not one could possibly love someone like me. 
It took me a few months through the Ministry of Life to get my act together and I can now see I had abandonment issues from when I was a kid. I'm totally breaking that cycle now and ready to live my life! You guys rock! Thanks!!!!"
Jen from Los Angeles USA
"Hello!!!!! I am so excited to be doing this program with you guys!! I'm only half way and already I have started seeing changes! It's like positive things are finally starting to happen!!! i swear I was born under an unlucky star but it's like something has changed in the universe and everything is falling into place!!! Speak soon!!!!"
Josie from Dallas USA
".....I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that i use to go to psychics when I felt a bit lost in life! And when one of them wouldn't give me the answers I wanted I would just go to another one until they told me what I wanted to hear. Now I realise that nothing is set in stone and we make our own destiny. You guys showed me that I had to take accountability for my actions and not just victimise myself.....so thank you! i was a bit of a tough cookie to crack. Thanks for believing in me"
G. Smith- Clarence London UK
"Dear Ministry of Life,
My friend had told me about your life coaching service (she did the 8 week program and now has ongoing sessions) and I thought I'd give it a try. I was actually quite content with life. I didn't feel that I needed a life coach because I'm fit, healthy, in a great relationship and love my job but I guess I was almost a bit bored. I know that sounds strange to some but sometimes when things are plodding along nicely you can't help but get a sense that there's more to achieve I guess.
           After the 8 week program I created a list of all the things I wanted to achieve and now I feel that I'm well equipped to achieve more. I'm buying my second property, started doing dance classes (something I've always wanted to do) and finally after years of procrastinating I started tracing my ancestry. It's the little things in life that I'm starting to get on top of. 
I have been recommending The Ministry of Life to everyone I know.
Ashley Sewick
from New York USA
          "So, I thought I had my life pretty sorted. I had it all. The one thing I didn't have was gratitude. I won't lie, my ego had me wanting me to quit the program because I thought I knew better. It turns out my stubborness, ego and superiority complex is probably why I couldn't see that I was unhappy. As long as my friends and family thought I was happy then I was ok. I lacked gratitude and I guess I had a sense of entitlement. Then I realised I didn't have any close friends and had trouble finding a relationship. I couldn't see past my big head but I knew there was a problem otherwise why would I be seeing a life coach in the first place? Your guidance allowed me to have some big ephianies and I'm working on just being grateful that I have the lifestyle that I have and I can't wait to share it with someone."
Matt Greene from Melbourne, AUS
      "I just wanted to write to you guys and see if you can share this with some of your clients?
Everyone thought I was the pretty, vivacious, confident woman that they saw socially. But to be honest I was deep in depression and couldnt' tell anyone. I felt ashamed and didn't want the positive view that my friends had of me to change. Maybe it's hard for people to see that sometimes the people with such a confident exterior can be the one hurting the most.
       I was always the one giving my friends advice too. I could see objectively their situation, i just had no insight into my own.
To anyone reading this- life coaching was the best thing that happened to me. I wanted to bail mid way through the program, but trust me if you stick with it, it all comes together. It's taking me two 8 week programs to finally get some perspective. Working on yourself is never an easy fix and I can't reommend The Ministry of Life enough! Hang in there everybody!"
E. C from Los Angeles USA
      "I'm naturally a very introverted person. I'm a hardworker that's always overlooked, mainly because I'm not as socially outgoing as some of the other people that I work with. I also put up with a lot of negativity in the work place and end up picking up the slack. I've been on anxiety medication for a while and I've finally decided to start an 8 week program with you. I'm about 2 sessions in and I already feel more confident. The Skype sessions are great because I don't have many life coaches where I'm from, and this way I can do it from wherever I am. Really looking forward to talking soon!"
Sara H. from Little Rock Arkansas USA
"......YES! I was that girl. I stayed up until 4.30am facebook stalking this guy I dated and then started stalking his ex girlfriends and any girls he might be seeing. Everytime I saw a girl 'like' his instagram photo or his facebook photo I would try and see their profile. It didn't take a genius to see that I needed help, but what The Ministry of Life did was find the basis of my insecurities and guided me into being my highest self. Social Media stalking was NOT my highest self. I also didn't feel judged by my coach. We're human and not perfect. I'm just embracing all the wonderful things about myself! AND I deleted him off my facebook!...."
Name withheld from Sydney AUST
    "......I realised that I was so career focused that I lost sight of my relationships. It's hard to balance all the aspects of my life but I'm getting there with your guidance. Thanks for being there for me...."
C. Helpmann from Sydney AUST
Thank you so much for helping me understand that I deserved more than I was allowing myself to have. I didn't feel I was worthy of love or happiness. Today I know that I am and I won't settle for anything less. Thank you!
Sally Henderson from Cincinnati USA
This are a few of our testimonials. Real ones. If you would like to write a testimonal. Please email us and tell us where you're from and how you would like your name published.