I wish I started it years ago!

The Ministry of Life

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

This Blog is a new thing. I thought It was important for clients to know that their life coach was walking their talk and what better way than to share my own experiences.

You might have noticed that we really encourage clients to write a bucket list. A bucket list is a list of things you'd like you accomplish in your life. Ever wanted to Skydive? Bungee Jump? Travel to Egypt? Do that photography course? Learn a language? Play an instrument?

Write it all on your bucket list, put it where you can see it and go for it!

This year for me, was a massive bucket list ticking extravaganza! I managed to tick almost half my list off. And one of them happened to be Argentine Tango.

Since 2005, I was inspired to 'one day' learn Argentine Tango since watching Sally Potter's film 'The Tango Lesson'. 

The music, the connection, the sultry moves and general air of Buenos Aires was infectious. It was always ''someday i'll try it''.

But because It wasn't high on my priority list, it remained in the back of my mind.

It only took 10 mins to find a local Dance class and it's only an hour a week. 

I'm only shaking my head at myself for why I didn't do it sooner.

It's strange how we say 'one-day' instead of 'to-day'. Sometimes I'll say to myself "If only I started it years ago, I'd be sooooo good at it by now!'', "Argh! If I started learning Spanish when I said I would, I would be fluent by now!''

I can only encourage you to look at your list and see what's achievable right now and do it!

'Til next time!