The Ministry of Life is a life coaching service that tailors to the individual needs of the client to help them empower themselves. 
We can help you get your shit together.
The Ministry of Life was founded in the belief that each person deserves happiness and fulfillment.
Our identity is largely shaped by our parents, upbringing, environment and society. More and more we have become inundated with advertising and media telling us what we should and shouldn't do, people telling us how we should and shouldn't act, and with all that outside influence - it becomes harder to find your true sense of self.

Sometimes our dreams and desires aren't encouraged by the people we surround ourselves with. Sometimes we've had to compromise our priorities for the sake of others and other times we're told our goals aren't attainable.
By private coaching we can assist you in reclaiming your life back.
Each client is coached on thier own individual circumstances and responsiveness. We don't have one method of coaching, we find the best way to work with you to move forward. 
How are we different from other life coaches?
We have extensive trainging in a wide range of disciplines; cognitive behavioural therapy, public speaking, entertainment, voice and speech, and have the facility to develop your communication and social skills. 
We are completely confidential and no judgement is ever made with our clients. Nothing is simple and life is complex. Honesty with us is being honest with yourself. Our work ethos is that we build trust with our clients so they feel emotional safe and in good care.
Contact us for a free 15 intial consultation. This way we can get a feel if we are the right fit for you. There is absolutely NO obligation. 
"You can fail at what you don't want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love"
- Jim Carrey