1. Private Life Coaching.
    We help you find your mojo! By identifying self limiting beliefs, obstacles and negative behaviours, we can inspire you to find your potential and achieve goals.
  2. Find your life purpose.
    Are you passionate about what you're doing in life? Is your career, family and relationships fulfilling you? How many things have you ticked off your bucket list? We can help you unlock your creativity and find your life purpose.
  3. Time is what life is made of.
    Are you struggling to balance your work life and personal life? Is procrastination a problem? Do you find yourself not having the energy to do the things you really want to do? We can help you utilize your time efficiently and organize your life.
Life Coaching and Mentoring for Personal Development and
Empower yourself.
You've come to this website because you may be going through some challenges in your life. 
Some of you may be feeling overwhelmed, tired, depressed or unfulfilled. 
Some of you may be content but a certain area in your life may be stagnant.
Our clients come to us for a variety of reasons:
* Job Loss.
* Relationship troubles.
* Family relationships are tense.
* Sense of unfulfillment.
* Wanting more out of life.
* Aren't meeting their potential .
* Low self esteem.
* Feel lost.
* Unmotivated.
* Extreme Introverts and Extroverts.
* Significant life changes.
*  Death of a loved one.
We can help guide you through your ups and downs and enable you to embrace your true self and get the most out of life.
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Be who you are and say what you feel,
Because those who mind don't matter.
And those who matter don't mind.
DR. Seuss
What is life coaching?
The Bucket List
Just like a personal trainer for fitness, or a nutritionist for your diet,  The Ministry of Life is a coaching service that looks at balancing all the aspects of your life; relationships, finance, career, friendships, family, adventure, creativity, love, health and wellbeing.
Your mental, emotional and physical health are heavily linked and we believe that by balancing these areas you can become more confident, empowered and inspired.
We believe in identifying your dreams and goals and making them happen.
As the founder of The Ministry of Life I live by the unofficial motto of "I don't regret things I've done, I regret things I haven't done". 
Sorry to break the news but life has already started so what are you waiting for?